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Goals 2012

Josh at Tiny Frog Software has posted his 2012 goals which has inspired me to do mine.

I only have one real goal - release something related to the Battlesuit project, which currently exists only as a 1st draft 100 page script, some prototypical artwork by Anthony and some rudimentary Monkey demos. Kirsty jokingly suggested interactive fiction as one possible outlet, which sounds kind of awesome when I think about it - probably the world's first mecha text adventure.

Time permitting, the Global Game Jam, Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo are also on the horizon.

Milk of the Manwhore (NSFW)

My Goats will never walk again!

Captain Planet Rampage (NSFW)

Climate change is just a giant left wing conspiracy hoax designed to redistribute my hard earned wealth to... f'in.. polar bears

The Phoenix Wright movie trailer

What can I say? Looks awesome. Thanks to Justin for pointing it out to me.

The Kiwi's Tale level viewer

Want to have a random explore of all of the levels of the Kiwi's Tale? Now you can.

The Kiwi's Tale Level Browser

Press the cursor keys to scroll around, and space to cycle through levels.

It goes without saying this is the first step in porting the Kiwi's Tale to Monkey, but I'm probably going to put the project on the back burner for awhile.

Nando's advertisment: Last Dictator Standing

Writing quote of the day



Simply lower your standards.

(Seriously. Think about it)

Don Schenck

Game Updates

Just a couple of updates to announce:

The Kiwi's Tale is now available for Mac, once again. Thanks to Cobra Blade for compiling a universal binary of the newer, two player mode version. The app file is bundled with the Zip, so there's only one download for both PC and Mac.

WitchBlaster has had a few graphical fixes to the HTML5 and Flash versions of the game, to better take advantage of Anthony Lau's amazingly intricate, dynamic enemy sprites.

NaNoWriMo 2011: I won it.

27 days, 50,082 words. For the second time out of two attempts, I'm a successful NaNoWriMo novelist! F*** yeah!

The novel I wrote is still technically untitled, though I've run with the working title "Heart of Ice", as it was written to be the origin story for the characters present in the game. As for who is actually going to read it, Kirsty said she will, but I'd probably be too embarrassed about it's awful quality to show many others!

Here's the graph depicting my noveling progress:

The grey line is the target baseline, and the brown bars are my actual daily progress. As you can see, I got off to a decent start, but faulted around the 21st where I wrote literally nothing for two days. I'll be honest and say that while some of the writing was highly entertaining, other times I really struggled to get any motivation at all, and couldn't even force myself to open Q10. There were certain points where I just had no passion left for the story. And since I'd already written a NaNoWriMo novel, it also didn't help having nothing to prove. Regardless, I think the experience of being hyper productive over most of a month has been good for me, and hopefully it'll reinvigorate the productivity that has been sorely lacking for me (outside of my primary employment) this year.

So that ends another sometimes sureal journey into writing with the characters that inhabit my subconscious. I'll no doubt post my tips for NaNoWriMo success here over the next couple of days. Time to get back to actually getting things done.

NaNoWriMo again

This is the one and only time I'll post to the blog this month. At the very last minute I decided to enter NaNoWriMo for a second time. It's the first day, 1,735 words so far. See you in December.