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Game Jam #5 - I'm done

24 hours ago I wasn't sure that I'd get a game done. 12 hours ago I was even less sure. But somehow, I managed to pull it off and produce something that wasn't too sucky, entirely from scratch. So, now I (somewhat) proudly present to you, Heart of Ice:

The game should be fun for a few minutes at least, it Isn't as polished as it could be but I think a potentially solid game could come out of it. I have it hosted here on the site. Instructions are in the readme.txt as well as on the second intro screen. Well, I'm off to sleep now. Thanks again for all of your comments and support. Edit - Forgot to mention, Matt and Josh did cool games too, as well as most of the other teams there; I'll do a post on these soon.



Sam (not verified)

Hey, well done! I just played it a few times, getting further with each attempt. I found that Thalia was the easiest character to use, until I got to the guys throwing fireballs, at which point I needed to switch to the Prince. I got captured on level 5(? - the one with the green and blue floor) when a swarm of dark knights and fireball throwers conspired to end my prison break.

It's pretty intense and it could certainly be developed into a larger game.

jdeuel (not verified)

Ha, a while ago I had the idea that I was going to remake the original NES zelda in this perspective, never happened though.

However I did modify a bunch of your sprites to half-live my dream!