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Derelict Dev Post #35 - 0.75 Beta

This is a couple of days overdue and I know it, but it took a lot longer then I thought to do last-minute tweaking and patching for the 0.75 beta. (Downloadable here - thanks to Max Penguin for hosting)

Sam Jefferys was asking for a better terminal so I did this. The idea for a holographic screen and keyboard came from those infra-red keyboards for mobile phones. I also did a couple of other new furniture items for the game, including some odd-shaped "space" cacti.

The game is completable since it includes most of the levels plus all of the boss fights and an early version of the ending (which is likely to be revised later to include cutscenes).

Also i've thrown in a form for potential playtesters, if you want to be credited as a playtester on the final version just fill it out and email it to me.

Four posts left to go. It's hard to believe I'm nearly finished the game. I am going to take a l-o-n-g break from game development after this, before getting stuck into making a more family-friendly title. Maybe.



Anonymous (not verified)

Well done Erik - Very cool that you've come so far!

Kirsty (not verified)

That's great. You've worked so hard and it must be great to be just about completed.

Family friendly aye? Is this the same game idea you've told me about..

matt (not verified)

Hey, this is Zenith from the blitzbasic forums, I'm really enjoying the game. I just wanted to say it is really great!

Andrew (not verified)

This rocks! quite a step up from 0.5 :)

Anonymous (not verified)

Wow... Just WOW. One thing though, what IS your email? I couldn't find it, sorry!

Erik Hogan (not verified)
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi all, I was just playing this on a laptop. I noticed that it plays in slow-mo, and that for every step a marine moves, he moves ten feet. Not criticizing, just tellin' ya so you can fix it!

Erik Hogan (not verified)

What are the specs of your laptop? (Including RAM, CPU, Operating System and Graphics Card)

Anonymous (not verified)

Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
System Pack 2

IBM Corporation
Intel(R) Pentium(R) M
processor 1600 MHz
1.60 GHz, 512mb of RAM

Erik Hogan (not verified)

Your computer is a bit slower then mine, and my computer itself is too slow to run Derelict as fast as i'd like (!)

I am working on optimizing the engine so it runs slicker, but I have a few suggestions that may make the game run better for you:

- Go into options -> graphics
- Set the target frame rate to 30 or 40
- Set the detail to 4
- Set the resolution to 800x600x16
- Restart the game