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What should I do with the site?

It's been about six months since I've posted anything here. Spam is worse than ever and Mollom (anti-spam system) is complaining that my site is overusing the free licence for it, even though dozens of spam messages STILL get past its filter every day. I could force users to register to post comments but I can also see that there are thousands of accounts registered by spam bots here too.

I haven't been entirely devoid of things to post about in the past few months (my last Gamejam project was turned into a one-off physical arcade cabinet, for one, though I've neither posted about it here or added it to the games page) but I haven't been making a hell of a lot of progress on my various projects either.

I feel like I need to start again. Maybe drop the Earok name and come up with something entirely new. Or rebuild the site just as a place to store my games, and go back to Blogger or a different platform for my posts.

What do you think?



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Comments on facebook. :) Too much spam here. :P