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An awful game

A year or two ago I had the idea to make my art game. It would be a bad game, not one that was simply mediocre or bizarre but one that features deliberately awful design decisions to infuriate the player. The game wouldn't be a stroll through the park as most modern games are, but a gruelling marathon designed to test your patience and nerves at every moment.

The game was to be a remake of every notoriously bad game ever made, from ET to Daikatana, and Superman 64 to Rise of the Robots, in a single package. I even started some programming and design work before giving up, mostly because I didn't have a clear vision, just a bunch of ideas, and I would have been walking around in circles.

The vision for the game came to me earlier today as well as a hypothesis I'm sorely tempted to test later this year: If I actually make this game, will it become more popular then all of my other games combined?

Should I do it? And is this the worst idea I have ever had, or the best?



Sam (not verified)

It's a very interesting idea. And it's the kind of thing that would attract attention. As far as punishingly hard games go, there's a definite audience for those. And there's always an audience for things that are plain weird. Bad games can even become 'good' when they're strange or stupid enough ;)

Guilherme (not verified)

I say "go for it". I guess it is really difficult to achieve success when you're aiming for it, so aiming for a failure may end up bringing good results! I'm looking forward to it.