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The Kiwi's Tale Retro Remakes 2008 results

The results for the "Sequels that weren't" category of the Retro Remakes 2008 competition have been released.

The Kiwi's Tale took second out of the five entries in that category. The final placing of the games has not been released yet but judging from the scores I'm guessing we may reach the top 10 or 20 entries.

The reviews were mixed unfortunately. Some of the judges were a little rough in my opinion, though they do have some valid points - and their input will be used to develop an enhanced version of the game. Regardless, I think Auckland Game Works did pretty well to represent New Zealand at the competition, especially since the Kiwi's Tale is our first released game.

The reviews can be read here

I'm still not sure what prizes we're taking home, though no doubt we'll be battling to the death over them!