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Derelict 1.2 Official release announcement

After receiving confirmation that the notorious "black screen" bug is fixed, finally, and a lot later then I thought, Derelict 1.2 is finally out.

Thanks to everyone who helped me make the best version yet of my most ambitious game ever a reality:

  • Sam Jeffreys for his ongoing support for my projects since 2006.
  • Philip Truax, Jim Harkins, Justin Deuel and Guilherme Chirinéa for their patience and help with the the "black screen" bug.
  • Also Mark Sibly for pointing me in the right direction for finding that bug.
  • Stephen Knightly, Joshua Smythe, Matthew Gatland and Matthew Griffith for their kind words and advice.
  • Krystian Krewniak for his new song.
  • The crew of and, who wrote the reviews inspiring me to make a new version.
  • Zanguusu for posting Derelict videos on youtube.
  • Finally, Kirsty Win for giving me the time I needed to work on the game. Love you babe.


If I have missed/misspelled your name, I'm awfully sorry and I'll correct this later.

Well, I'm off now. Expect a post on my future projects very soon.