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Final post

It's been a hell of a ride these past 6 odd years, but it's time to put the site to pasture.

As of now this site is closed, permanently. All comments and user registration have been disabled. As outlined in my previous post, administration was getting painful due to the incredible influx of spam, but the final straw was receiving an email from Hostgator today telling me that (presumably due to the constant spam attack) that this site had been abusing their CPU usage policy. It's no longer worth trying to preserve what this site once was, but hopefully something much better can come of it.

I want to personally thank Kirsty, Sam, Anthony, Stephen, Arran, Matt, Joshua, Sergio, Gui, Cobra, Koi, Justin, Malcolm, Philip, Greg, Michael, Kristie, Simon and everyone else that contributed to the site or the discussions around it (and sincere apologies if I missed you from that list). Also a special thanks to the freeware game site hosts that featured the games here - in particular to the late Mr Caiman - and everyone that wrote in to tell me what you thought of my work.

There's a Facebook page set up to take the place of this but as of writing there's nothing to show there. Hope to see you there sometime.



Thanks for everything,